Non conterendus est nothis

In keeping with the general mood of the house, the two reception rooms were dirty and knackered. Sadly, I didn't take any "before" pictures, but you can use the state of the kitchen and bathroom to get some idea of the general state. Imagine them, transferred into a magnolia-coloured room that has been stripped of it's charm in the same way the chimney breast in the front room was stripped of it's plaster. We were living in the back room, using the front one for storage. We later found out that Scunger was using the front room to pee in, but it was so grotty in there we didn't realise.

Anyway, the work we did on these rooms was - knock-through between the rooms (using an RSJ, which was a first for that house), decorate, rewire, new carpet, replaster the chimney breast and install a fireplace. I failed to take any pictures of most of that. Sorry. Here are some that I did take.

The knock-through, performed by Spike. Here you can see the lovely forest of Acrow props holding the ceiling up. Note the chimney breast at the back of the photo. No plaster. Why????
And this is what proper support looks like - a bloody great RSJ. This poor old house has never seen the like before.
And here it is all plastered up and loverly.

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