Non conterendus est nothis

The state of the electrics in the house is not good. Although the original lead covered stuff was replaced (but left in, causing a bit of concern for a while), the dodgy-looking fuseboxes always made turning on the kettle a bit worrying. Also there were only two sockets in the kitchen. Having decided that I was a 'competant' person, I took it upon myself to sort it out...

My new wiring going into the gutted kitchen. These are the boxes for the under-cabinet lighting, the fridge and freezer, and a double socket. Wow.
The grey and black box are the old fuseboxes, the lovely and shiny white one is the groovy new Contactum split-load consumer unit. The wiring is a temporary bodge to leave a socket live in the living room.
All wired up and live - the new CU. Ooh.

God this really is dull, isn't it? I think I might get rid of this page.

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