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The house
When it comes to describing the state of the house we bought, words are often not adequate. Fortunately, by wasting some of the rennovation money on a digital camera we were able to take some pictures that can convey the true sense of crappiness. Here is a sample - the kitchen. Nice.

The web site
Which part of the Maggenhoof experience would you like to indulge in?

 A lovely garden of flora and fauna (mold and flies).
 Hand crafted by a blind maniac
 The electrics - beautiful yet deadly.
 Completely shagged.
 Sorry the button doesn't match the others.

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10-12-02 - LOOK LOOK LOOK!!! An update!!!!
09-09-02 - Eek! Don't turn the light on!
18-10-02 - VeggieFoodGuide (a shameless plug!)

Our aim is to transform our house from the poor abused thing it is at the moment into something that is actually nice to live in. All we have are our hands and the power of DIY. And some money.

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