Non conterendus est nothis

We are a working class (despite Jen reading The Guardian and putting salad into a wooden bowl) couple who have been together for just over 5 years now. We bought our first house in Sturton Street about 3 years ago and watched the price rocket from 95K when we bought it to 145K when we sold it. The extra 50 grand meant we could get a nice wreck and have some money left over to do it up with. The Thoday Street house came along and 7 months, 3 buyers and an insane amount of stress later we moved into our lovely dump. Before we could say to ourselves "oh gawd, what have we bought?" we started trashing the joint...

'Hammer' Jen

Naich 'The Crowbar'

These are the people who have worked on our house. They have all done an excellent job, and we would recommend them to anyone.

Premier Plastering (Spike and Mark)

Plasterers of exceptional quality. Our central heating man was so impressed with them that he now uses them for any plastering he needs doing for his jobs. Spike also does building work.

Spike : 07905 674853
Mark : 07979 281165

Advanced Heating and Cooling (Brian)

Brian put in the central heating in both our houses, and did an excellent job each time. He's fast but thorough and 1/4 of the price that British Gas quoted us. He also installed and plumbed in our bathroom.

Brian : 07979 500191

Kitchen fitters (Jeff and John)

Jeff and John helped us with the design of our kitchen and fitted it very well. Not exactly cheap, but worth the money to get it looking right. They are in demand, so ring them early.

Jeff : 07767 390112
John : 07951 195808

Ian Jolley Building Projects (Ian)

Ian knows the right people to get the job done to an exceptionally high standard and organises the project himself. A bit of a perfectionist, he's not the cheapest but the results speak for themselves. [Check out our new windows.]

Ian Jolley : 01223 322839

Anglia Property Preservation (Jon)

For all your damp proofing and timber treatment needs. A helpful, friendly family run firm. www.app-ltd.com

APP : 01223 249526

Geoff Sadler

Installed our fireplace, and did a lovely job. Quite cheap too.

Geoff: 01223 423369

AbleWight Chimney Sweep

Made sure our chimney was OK for having a fire under. Knows a lot about chimneys.

01223 835886

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