Non conterendus est nothis

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nosing at your nips. Or something. Anyway, time to convert that bare-brick hole in the wall that you saw on the previous page into a working fire place. We got a reproduction art nouveau fireplace from Solopark for 300 smackers.

Here is the chimney breast again, this time plastered by Mark and painted. It's a deeper red than it looks here. Honest. Geoff, our fireplace man has laid down the tiles for the heart.
And here is the fireplace, all installed and lovely. There is no wooden bit round the hearth yet and you might have noticed the sockets hanging out of the wall.
Ta-da! The wall really isn't that pink. It's the flash. Mmmm... fire... Like the hearth surround? I made it out of a discarded notice board.

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