Non conterendus est nothis

The bathroom is an empty shell so we are reduced to living in the garden under a tarpaulin, raiding the neightbours bird tables for food, digging holes in the ground for our waste and bathing in a water butt. Actually that's not quite true - we are living round Paul's house and having a really nice time there, although I did pee in a bottle a couple of times.

The tiles looked quite nice, once the gunge from the cork tiles had been removed, so Jen filled in the gaps with new ones.
Looks good, eh? That is where the bog is going to go.
We had the walls injected with a DPC (that's builder for damp proof course) and Spike and Mark then boshed on the plaster
We haven't got a picture of Spike and Mark plastering the bathroom so this one will have to do.
Gone are the days of the drab olive bath and toilet. Behold our lovely new pristene white bathroom suite - B&Q's finest, installed by Brian - our central heating guru. We probably should have painted first though.
  Doesn't that bog just scream out "Sit on me!"?

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